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The Texas College of Probate Judges (TCPJ) is a private nonprofit educational organization dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable continuing education available in all aspects of Texas probate law. Our seminars are designed to benefit both new and longtime judges, clerks, and staff.

What’s going on in 2019?

The Texas College of Probate Judges’ 2019 conferences were a great success! We have three programs planned in 2020. We will send letters with detailed information approximately 8 weeks before each program.

The Texas College of Probate Judges is proud to sponsor the 2020 Workshops. Each program is prepared and presented by a wide range of experts who work in the trenches of probate law as judges, clerks, court staff, and probate practitioners.

Each Workshop will feature an educational program including:

  • Texas mental health law

  • citation and notice under the Estates Code

  • guardianship law

  • dependent and independent administration procedures of the Estates Code

  • heirship procedures

  • responsibilities of the probate clerk

  • reporting requirements for courts and clerks

  • monitoring of administrations and guardianships

We’ll also have an optional session that will go into basics of guardianships and probate, new guardianship rules for judges and clerks, and judicial bonds.


Conferences 2020

Austin, TX

March 5th - 6th

Galveston, TX

➤ May 28th - 29th

San Antonio, TX

➤ August 20th - 22nd


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