Texas College of Probate Judges (TCPJ)
A private nonprofit educational organization


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About the TCPJ

The Texas College of Probate Judges (TCPJ) is a private nonprofit educational organization that provides training and education to the probate courts and county clerks of Texas. TCPJ seminars provide continuing education in all aspects of probate law and are designed to benefit both new and longstanding judges, clerks, and court employees. TCPJ encourages all probate judges, probate assistants, probate clerks, court administrators, and other court personnel to attend its informative and entertaining programs.


Our mission is to work to improve our educational offerings, to provide probate judges and clerks with an opportunity for continuing education, and to provide an opportunity for all to discuss issues involving probate, guardianship, and mental-health law.


TCPJ was informally created in 1977 when a small group of judges in the larger metropolitan areas of Texas decided to come together and discuss probate law and procedure. This initial meeting was a success, but it took the attendees three years to decide to have annual educational meetings. After three years of annual meetings, the group organized as the Texas College of Probate Judges and began scheduling regional workshops in addition to annual meetings. Since 1984, there have been three TCPJ meetings each year.


Board of Directors

The Hon. Guy Herman


Probate Court No. 1, Travis County

The Hon. Joe Ashmore

Board Member

Attorney at Law, Dallas County

The Hon. Eduardo A. Gamboa

Board Member

Statutory Probate Judge, El Paso County

The Hon. Gladys Burwell

Board Member

Senior Statutory Probate Judge, Galveston County

Catherine L. Horvath

Board Member

Chief Deputy/Supervisor - Courts, Guadalupe County Clerk’s Office